The mission of Signs of Hope International (SOHI) is to provide an education for every Deaf child. Currently, our focus is on primary and secondary education (K-12) in Ghana, West Africa.


We envision a world in which every Deaf child receives equal access to a quality education, giving them the tools they need to succeed.


The mission of SOHI is threefold:

  • To provide deaf students with the supplies and financial support they need to be able to attend school
  • To provide training and sign language instruction for teachers working with Deaf children
  • To provide service-minded Deaf individuals and interpreters with a meaningful international volunteer experience


Ellie’s Story

“This is my friend Joseph. During my first trip to Ghana, I was just14 years old, Joseph was found and sent to the school in Mampong. He was 12-years-old and had no language. I was only 2 years older and was shocked to see how much connection he had been lacking his whole life. He started in the kindergarten class where I was teaching, and I was blessed to be able to work with him. I could see him light up when he learned new signs. He started playing with other kids and making connections. He learned so fast! I had the privilege of seeing him take pencil to paper for the first time and write the word JOSEPH, helping him understand that was his name. You should have seen his smile.”

This is what we are doing as Signs of Hope International. We are sharing the blessing of education with deaf children in other countries that might not have the chance otherwise. These kid’s eyes just burn with and eagerness to learn, communicate, and connect.

Please consider donating and invite others to donate! Every penny helps us bring communication and connection to kids that might not have that in their lives. Please don’t be worried if your contribution doesn’t seem like much! Every dollar helps! Thank you!


Every day thousands of children in Africa wander the streets in isolation. In-stead of learning to read, write and interact, they’re struggling to teach them-selves how to survive in a world of quiet desperation.

These children are deaf.

And they need a voice.

There are more than 400,000 deaf people in Ghana, West Africa—some due to heredity, others to disease. In a country of nearly 22 million, that’s two percent of the population. In villages throughout the country, deaf children are left without hope for an education. While families are forced to choose between eating or paying school fees, many eager children miss their opportunity to learn. A cycle of loneliness and self-doubt ensues. With your help, Signs of Hope International can break the cycle. Help us give the deaf a voice by giving them an education. This singular act has the power to dramatically change lives. Because education changes everything.

Who We Are

Signs of Hope International is a non-profit initiative
focused on providing an education for every deaf
child in Ghana, West Africa.
Since 2004, we’ve been raising money and
creating programs that not only im-prove access
to education but also enhance the quality
of education. We’ve established an alliance with the Ghana
National Association for the Deaf, giving us the
official backing to help enact change in a country
that supports our commitment to making life better
for deaf and hearing-impaired people.
Lastly, we believe in the collective spirit of giving.
Our aim is to inspire many people to give. Because
we know that every small, individual action can
make a big difference.

What We Do

Schools for the deaf are havens for many, offering community and hope. But they cost money. And part of that cost is passed along to the students. For $400 a year, a student can attend a government-subsidized boarding school, which includes fees for living expenses, uniforms, and school supplies. That may not seem like a lot of money to us, but to the average Ghanaian who makes less than $7 a day, that sum is impossible. Our first priority is to fund the cost of attendance for those who can’t afford it. Our second priority is to be part of the cause to improve the quality of deaf education once the students are in place. There are 12 primary and junior secondary schools for the deaf in Ghana. And only one high school. Yes, they are crowded and inadequate. But that’s only part of the problem. Surprisingly, not all teachers in the schools know how to use sign language. So the students spend much of their time copying notes from the chalkboard. That’s why Signs of Hope created our volunteer program. On their own dime, and under our direction, volunteers skilled in the use of American Sign Language (ASL) spend two months in Ghana assisting and motivating both students and teachers.

The program works. Since 2004, our volunteers have made a significant impact on the way teachers approach the classroom and on the way students learn.

Get in touch

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Contact Signs of Hope International Director Ronai Brumett at director@signsofhopeintl.org