The world is in chaos and on lockdown, so what does that mean for us here at Signs of Hope International (SOHI)? For a while we were in chaos with the rest of you, trying to figure out our lives and what our next steps were as an organization. I believe that we are on the right path now. We have had to shift our focus from what our original mission was/is to what can we actually do right now to help the d/Deaf children in Ghana. I believe that we have found our “can do” and we are moving forward with that.

While we cannot travel and bring others to Ghana right now to help directly with the education at the deaf schools, there are still things we can do to help. Here is our plan:

  1. We are creating a partial and full scholarship fund for d/Deaf students whose parents cannot afford tuition.
  2. We will partner with Days for Girls in Ghana to get the program set up at the deaf school and help the students and staff with education and reusable menstruation packs.
  3. We will partner with local leadership and craftsmen to help build a dorm to ease the overcrowding problem at the school. This is a HUGE undertaking and a very necessary one.
    Please watch for our fundraiser coming very soon. This is a massive undertaking and we will need your help if we are going to be successful. And I see no other choice—we have to be successful, because every child is worth it and education changes everything.

    Ronai Brumett, SOHI Director