In January 2012 my then 14 year old daughter Ellie and I went to Ghana Africa for the first time. Those 10 days changed our lives. Here is a video I made as we were raising money for our second trip to Ghana.

Once again we are raising but with different focus in mind since we can not currently travel.

  1. We are creating a partial and full scholarship fund for d/Deaf students whose parents cannot afford tuition.
  2. We will partner with Days for Girls in Ghana to get the program set up at the deaf school and help the students and staff with education and reusable menstruation packs.
  3. We will partner with local leadership and craftsmen to help build a dorm to ease the overcrowding problem and promote a better environment for education.

We are currently partnering with doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation who are generously matching all donations.

This is a HUGE undertaking and a very necessary one. Thank you in advance for your support.