When we re-established SOHI in the fall of 2019, we had no idea that our plans and dreams would be put on hold by a pandemic. These past few years have been difficult ones as we have been in contact with the school, addressing needs, but being unable to meet many of them due to travel restrictions. We have been presented with many barriers. We know how debilitating they can be.

We recognize the barriers that Deaf students in Ghana face every day. They face language and cultural barriers both in their families and communities. They face academic barriers, not always able to have the educational access that they need. Many Deaf children and teenagers in Ghana work hard in their academics and have their own beautiful goals for their future, but are sometimes faced with the barrier of insufficient funding for their schooling. They are forced to put their education on hold until they have the money to continue. For some, that day never comes.

Because of your support for Signs of Hope International, we have been able to still be of service and work for our goal of empowering Deaf students in Ghana. We thank everyone who joined us for our “Signs of Humor” online events, participated in our silent auction, and gave their time, talents, and donations towards our goals at Signs of Hope. Every penny that comes to us goes to the benefit of these students.

Signs of Hope International is about giving a hand up, not a hand out. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for Deaf students to educate and empower themselves to be successful. Our current focus is on the primary and secondary schools in Mampon, but we wanted to tell you about our friend “M” and how your money has been giving hope to students who didn’t have it before.

This is our friend, “M.” She is a Deaf student, currently attending university and working to become a teacher for the Deaf. Due to tragic family deaths, she is left alone in pursuing her education. She had everything in place and had been saving to pay for her own schooling. Last semester, she fell short and would be unable to make the sum on time, delaying her education. Because of your support and donations, we were able to give “M” a hand up. We were able to complete that sum for her and she has been able to continue her education.

Our Friend M

“M” said, “the reason why I am going to teacher training college is to gain skills… to help children learn and improve in their academics. I will become a teacher. Thank you to all those who donated to support me.”

We are so excited to help “M” in reaching her dreams to teach the next generation of Deaf children because #Deafeducationchangeseverything.

Signs of Hope is currently working on establishing a scholarship program so that we can give a hand up to students like “M” who are working hard to reach their academic goals. There are so many of them! They are all just as eager to learn and gain their education. If you would like to sponsor a Deaf student, please reach out to us at: signsofhopeintl@gmail.com