Ellie is from Maple Grove, MN. She is a deaf studies major at Utah Valley University and is working towards getting her interpreting certificate. She has been signing since she was very young and fell in love with the kids in Ghana after her first trip there when she was 14.

Ethan grew up in Boise, Idaho as a CODA. His love for helping the Deaf who grew up without opportunities in life continued to grow while he was serving a two year mission for his church, working with the Deaf in Houston, Texas. Ethan and Ellie were married January 2020, and are excited for what new adventures life brings! Ethan is and was attending Brigham Young University for engineering and is actively working as an ASL Interpreter.

Signs of Hope International seeks to empower d/Deaf individuals in developing countries, often against cultural norms and customs. We believe that d/Deaf people can do anything–all they need is access to education and a language.

We partner with schools for the deaf in Ghana and we’re aiming to expand to other developing countries across the world. If you love children, education, Ghana, the Deaf community, or people, please consider donating.

Your tax-deductible donation will accomplish several things: directly sponsoring our d/Deaf students (tuition, room & board), buying supplies and supporting the schools, and helping sponsor some of our volunteers. Thank you for your generosity!